Mobilier contemporain & Artwork en Gascogne

But, who are they ?

The beginnings of ©Brut Design

At first, there was the consuming passion of one. For Art. For beauty, for the satisfaction from doing things yourself with devotion, perseverance, and perfection. Then, passion turned into know-how and eventually became the project of his life, or rather of theirs …

The team

Faustine and Fabien. Her, the communicator. Him, the artist. Together, they believe in what they do and have the desire to show the whole world Fabien’s art and furniture collections. Set in Gascony, an area in France renowned for its heritage, its foie gras, its Armagnac, etc. Above all, it is a unique place where only one McDonald’s restaurant in the whole Gers department managed to survive, there are no highways, no fast trains and a randomly working internet connection. Far from everything! A challenge for most but for them it is an art de vivre. .

Less is more.
Our concept, Brut Design
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    Fabien PUGINIER

    Designer craftsman

    Behind the ©Brut Design brand is Fabien Puginier. He was born an artist. His craftsmanship is very precise and inventive and his know-how in a variety of trades (wood, stone, metal, concrete, etc.) gives him illimited creativity. He applies his talent to artistic projects as well as to contemporary furniture and decorative items to embellish the most splendid houses.
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    Faustine MILARD

    PR & Marketing

    A journalist at heart, Faustine Milard is the team’s free spirit. She has been supporting Fabien unfailingly since the beginnings of the ©Brut Design adventure. She is in charge of public relations and marketing and has one goal, to increase ©Brut Design’s visibility as ‘a leading artistic design company set in the countryside’. Contact:  +33 6 82 08 34 34
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