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Polished concrete

Our artistic production lead us to become concrete enthusiasts, and as such, we naturally came to love its derivatives such as polished concrete and we now include it in the different on site decoration services we offer (renovation and new construction). Waterproof, easy to maintain, with a velvet touch, it can be applied in the most humid as well as the most used areas, both inside and outside. Its numerous advantages attracted us and we highly recommend it for your bathrooms, Italian showers, splashbacks, worktops, etc. An absolute must for all decoration lovers. From €100/m2 (i.e. €9.3/1ft2) depending on the level of difficulty and on the surface to cover.


Polished concrete has become an essential item in the world of decoration. Two layers of only a few millimeters thick (2 to 4 millimeters depending on the desired outcome) applied on all materials: wood, concrete, old coatings, … even on tiles, resulting in a very mineral-looking surface.
Thanks to polished concrete, anything can be renovated. Three types of glazed finish can be applied (gloss, satin, or matt finish), among which we recommend the satin finish that perfectly illuminates the surface, ending with a last layer of  wax so the surface is well-protected! From €100/m2 (i.e. €9.3/1ft2) depending on the level of difficulty and on the surface to cover (non-contractual prices, they depend on our suppliers varying prices and the work’s level of difficulty). Let us know if you want to look at our colour chart. An onsite visit is necessary before we can start working. During this visit we will show you samples, an estimate will be sent afterwards. We use Marius Aurenti materials, a reference for the past 20 years in the French decorative concrete world.

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